Heaven – The plane that the Creator of all and his angels, and any beings who have earned their way there, reside. Heaven is what each individual makes of it. All truly good beings, no matter what their species or religion, come here when they die. Some actually become angels of a sort. They are commonly called the “angelic-dead” and they are either soldiers for the creator, or are like “guardian angels” or something like that. This plane is forbidden to all except those that were either born here (such as born angels), and those that earned their way here before their death.

Hell – This is the plane that Lucifer, his demons, fallen angels, and those that earned their way here call home. All truly evil beings come here when they die, again no matter their species or religion. Like Heaven, Hell is what the individual makes of it. Some become demons (only the most evil of them). They are called the “demonic-dead.” Hell is the total opposite of Heaven. Again, like Heaven, this plane is forbidden to everyone except those who were sent there by the Creator, were born here, or earned their way there.

Terramu – This is the plane where everything is based in scientific fact. The beings here generally only use the scientific thought process. They do believe in magic, it’s just that no one that is fully “human” is born with any magic. Normal humans use science to give them some leverage with magical species. Terramu is the most strictly regulated realm, mainly due to the fact that they don’t have magical abilities of their own. In truth, most are innocent in regards to the activities of the other planes and, as such, are held in very high regards with the Creator. Terramu science; however, is very effective against the magic of other realms, and can help the “humans” regulate who and what comes through the many gates located there. Some humans can have some psychic ability, but no real magic of their own. Anyone in Terramu that does have some real magical ability is obviously no a full blooded human.

Terrakliene – The realm of the elves, dwarfs, fey, leprechauns, and any other being thought to be small in stature, although some elven species are the size of humans. This is a very beautiful land, probably due to the fact that not many actual buildings are located here. Most species that make Terrakliene their home are one with nature, and that is where their homes are located, whether it is in the trees, underground, or in the mountains. Most species here are able to communicate with nature; either plant or animal. They are usually long-lived and some of the hardest species to kill.

Terragrott – This realm belongs to the giants, dinosaurs, dragons, or any other creature known to be extremely large. Not many travelers venture here because all the creatures are so large, and usually violent and carnivorous. Not a trip recommended by O.A.T. and is only allowed when meat supplies are running low in another realm, and then only selected talented hunters are allowed for a very limited time.

Obyri – Home to species that spend their whole lives feeding off other beings; such as blood vampires, psychic vampires, energy vampires, etc. This realm is strictly prohibited because┬ámost of the species here can and will feed from anything with blood running through its veins. The being from Obyri are usually prohibited from entering Terramu for the same reason, although some are allowed for a very specific reason and for a very specific amount of time. Any being from Obyri found in Terramu that do not have the proper permission will be immediately banished or executed.

Mythos – The realm of powerful beings; such as Zeus, Thor, Apollo, and others once worshipped as gods. Regulations between the planes changed and they are no longer allowed to recruit followers from any other plane. Mythos is beautiful, depending on where you are. If you are allowed to visit (the residents here are picky about who they allow to visit) then you will find that Olympus is a mountain top paradise, Asgaard is rough terrain perfect for the strong, adventurous type, and “Little Egypt” is a desert wonderland. I have heard that there are other awesome places to visit in Mythos that could border a trip to Heaven, but these three are the only ones that will allow visitors. Rumor has it that the Celtic goddess, Morrigan, is very close to talking her pantheon into allowing visitors into their land.

Anderung – Home of the shifters, like lycanthropes (werewolves, weretigers, etc), skinwalkers, or any other species able to change their appearance at will. It actually has land that caters to each type of shifter; for example, the werewolves have huge and plentiful forests to hunt in, while the snake-like Naga has a vast jungle. This plane is open to visitors; however, visitors beware. You are not guaranteed to actually see any of the shifters, as they are very secretive and more often than not, very territorial. If you do see one, please be friendly, especially to the lycanthropes. Should they bite you in animal form and you catch their particular strain of lycanthropy, you too will soon call Anderung your home, regardless of where you were born.

Vonleer – Basically, this is jail reserved for extremely evil beings. The ones that end up here are very hard to kill using normal methods, and once here, they will likely never get out. There is literally nothing here, and the beings held here almost always go insane. Visiting here is strictly prohibited; only people actually trained by O.A.T. specifically to transport criminals to this plane are even allowed to open the gate.

Terramorte – The land of the dead that neither earned Heaven nor deserved Hell. Souls┬ácome here to either stay in their own version of the afterlife, or wait for reincarnation. Similar to the Catholic version of purgatory, the individuals here are neither good nor bad. Visits here are allowed, but don’t expect your loved ones to remember you if you should find them here. The memories of their past lives tend to fade once they are in Terramorte. People like to come here to find closure, but because of the residents’ memory loss, that closure is almost never found.

Versprech – The land for those seeking answers to questions, somewhat like a spirit quest. Not much is known about Versprech, as it tends to alter itself depending on what the individual is there to seek. The beings that call Versprech home can either be very tricky or very helpful, so you have a fifty-fifty shot of an honest quest. Basically, be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it, but not in the way you were trying. For this reason, Versprech is very dangerous, and a lot of times the ones that come here don’t return, and the ones that do are never quite the same.

Neutroterre – As one may guess, this is neutral land. No magic or science can be used here. The land itself neutralizes everything. I don’t know how this works, just that it does. Neutroterre is perfect for meetings since everyone, from the most powerful sorcerer to the smallest fairy to the most scientific minded human are on equal ground.

Magus – The realm of all magic users, such as wizards, witches, and sorcerers, are born. This plane is very similar to Terramu in the time of King Arthur. Magical beings that are born here, but choose to live in another plane, must return here from time to time in order to recharge their magic. Visits from Terramu are allowed and encouraged, as is immigration between the two. These two realms have historically been strong allies.