Book One: Soul Search

Just when Reagan Harbin thought she had her life planned out-bam-the creator smacked her in the head with something else. He must have been laughing somewhere when he heard her plans. She didn’t get the quiet, soft and polite kind of laugh. Nah, she got the rolling on the floor, with tears streaming out of his eyes as he laughs hysterically. Then, when she though she might have gotten a grasp on her new reality: she became the punch line of a new joke. When Reagan turned sixteen, her normal life change changed to experiencing a minimum of fifteen messed up situations per hour.

This was how it happened:

1)  Her best friend broke up with her, in a text message.

2)  While Reagan stumbled into her gifts, she accidently watched a Soul Drainer take the life of some innocent children.

3)  Reagan’s Magusian mentor and her have a love/hate relationship-mostly hate.

4)  Her boyfriend can’t tell the difference between Reagan and her ex-best friend.

Reagan doesn’t understand how her sane life spiraled out of control so fast. One day, she will look back on this and laugh with the Creator. For now, Reagan must stitch the pieces back together and look through the misshapen quilt of her life.